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 Belgian Blazblue Players Thread

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MessageSujet: Belgian Blazblue Players Thread   Mar 15 Sep 2009 - 0:56

Just a thread to keep a list of Belgian Blazblue enthousiasts along with their PSN. If you are playing Blazblue actively, please let me know by this thread. Also add who you consider to be your main character and secundary character (if you have decided already). I will try to keep the list up to date.

I'm curious as to how popular the game actually is, some months after we all tried it out. I can only say I LOVE this game eventhough I'm not good at it (yet) Having been to SvB only confirmed my love for the game, as I found myself more chatting and playing with BB players than with SFIII, SFIV ones. This could also be a way of finding players with great connections.

nickname: nstalkie
PSN: nstalkie
Main character: Rachel
Sec. character: -

Nickname: Neo
Psn: NeoNinja
Main: Jin
Sec: Ragna

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MessageSujet: Re: Belgian Blazblue Players Thread   Mar 15 Sep 2009 - 3:19

Nickname: Neo
Psn: NeoNinja
Main: Jin
Sec: Ragna


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Belgian Blazblue Players Thread
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